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Moving from real world data

to real world action.

What we do

We make clinical data actionable.

Clinetic is a health technology company harnessing the potential of electronic health record data to accelerate research and evidence generation.

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Getting health data in motion

Clinetic was established by clinical experts seeking novel data solutions for complex clinical problems and research hypotheses. Our software accesses and curates data from electronic health record systems to enable deep, timely insights.

Accelerating Evidence

Accelerating evidence

We have established a growing network of health systems to generate high-fidelity real-world clinical data. Our software helps life science companies advance new therapies and enables health systems to improve quality - ultimately enhancing patient care.

Next Steps

Enabling the "last mile" of patient activation

Clinetic capabilities make real-world data actionable by enabling end-to-end workflows for research. Our software can monitor electronic health record data to identify patients who may be eligible for a study, alert a study coordinator, and facilitate collection of additional patient data without an in-person visit.

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