Streaming clinical insights

Clinetic provides a suite of capabilities to help life science companies better characterize patient populations, monitor clinical trends, and execute clinical studies more efficiently.

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Driving Efficiencies in Patient Recruitment & Unlocking Deep Insights Using EHR Surveillance


The traditional approach to conducting clinical research is labor intensive and disconnected from care delivery workflows. Data stored in electronic health systems (EHRs) can be difficult to access for research and messy to work with. These challenges were witnessed first hand by our founders at Duke University. Our platform, borne from clinical and technology experts working together, cleans and curates data from EHR systems and provides tools to make research happen.

The Clinetic Difference

Next Level Insights

Next-Level Insights

Compared to other data sets (e.g. claims data), clinical data from EHR systems is dynamic and multi-faceted, providing much more granularity and context. In one study, we showed how EHR data identified 34% more patients than use of billing codes alone.

Clinically Relevant

Clinical Relevance

Our deep bench of clinical experts understand the context of clinical data elements and how to apply them to address specific research questions. This collaboration between clinicians and technology experts underpins everything we do.



We drive meaningful results. For example, we’ve demonstrated how our near-real time EHR surveillance in combination with centralized chart review and outreach, can be used to efficiently identify and enroll highly distributed, low-prevalence patient populations.

How We Can Help

Life Sciences

Life Science Companies

  • Better characterize populations and subpopulations of patients
  • Understand the burden and natural history of disease
  • Follow clinical trends and disease prevalence on a timely basis
  • Efficiently identify and enroll patients of interest into clinical studies
  • Improve study operational awareness and management
Health Systems

Health Systems

  • Participate in revenue generating, sponsored research projects as part of our focused, connected network
  • Remain in full control of your data, choosing what specific insights are made available to researchers
  • Streamline research study workflows, with software for investigators and research coordinators
  • Support clinical decision making and and quality improvement initiatives to enhance patient care